Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Fourteen.

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Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and the one thing I can guarantee is that the radio stations will be playing “Top 100 Best Songs Of” playlists all weekend. So if you enjoy hearing the songs you wish you could forget, be sure to turn the radio on this weekend. Have a good one and be safe!

Nissan is planning on bringing 3 new tiny cars to the U.S. market. I think as we watch gas prices head even higher, people will be switching to smaller cars. And then maybe, just maybe, I might be able to see while I am driving the Mini on the freeway.

Jay Leno, probably one of the biggest car nuts on the planet, is planning on installing wind turbines to power his garage. Granted, it is not going to power his collection of 1 billion cars, but it’s a good start.

With everyone proclaiming that they are going green, is it time to ask the important question – How are you planning on doing it? Just because you say you are green does not mean we have to accept it at face value without you explaining how it will be done.

Seems global warming is not helping our forest fire situation much…with more frequent fires and higher burn rates in the west, the journal Science says it is because of global warming.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m gonna go pick up our little feline friend this afternoon who needed about $500 worth of dental work done today. And yes, I guess cats do get cavities, but one has to wonder what happens in the wild? I am sure he will be in a good mood, don’t you think? Have a nice long weekend!

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