Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Nineteen.

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I am coming home from Chicago today but wanted to give you quick couple of links to some stories I was actually able to read while I was away. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

San Francisco to ban the purchase of bottled water by city departments, even for water coolers. Since municipal water is normally just as good as (or better), getting rid of all those stupid plastic bottles will be great for the city.

Desert dust blown onto Rocky Mountain peaks has cut the duration of snow-cover by a month or more, and the same thing is probably happening in the Alps and Himalayas, researchers reported Monday. In a phenomenon likely to spur global warming, the reflective white of snow is replaced by darker dust deposits that absorb the sun’s rays, heating up the lower atmosphere

No Impact Man has decided that taking his bike everywhere is a form of assertiveness training, and I agree 100%. People in cars pay no attention to people on bikes, so every time you ride you almost have to let people know you are there in order for them to even care.

L.L. Bean has dropped its long time printer Verso Paper after the company failed to meet LL Bean’s requirements for recycled content and sustainable forestry practices. I think companies are starting to see the light, but with the internet why do you have to get catalogs at all? I just called a few months ago and cancelled all of our catalogs that were coming to the house and I feel much better knowing trees are not being cut down just so I could have some light reading material in the house.

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