Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Ninety One.

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I don’t know if it is the altitude or the dry air or what, but our Subaru Forester that was getting about 24 MPG in California is now getting 29-30 MPG on a consistent basis. Mind you, this is not exactly a light nimble car and it has full-time AWD, so 30 MPG is quite amazing. I have no idea why I even bring this up, except for the fact that it astounds me that this car gets such good gas mileage here. So if you are looking for an AWD vehicle, you might want to consider this one! On to the news…

Ford will debut their all-electric, 600 horsepower F-150 at this year’s SEMA show. Each 66-lb. motor delivers over 150 lb.-ft. of torque where it matters most, in the wheel, at any speed. Together, the four motors installed on the F-150 deliver more power and torque than the 320-hp 5.4L V8 that was removed from the truck. Now that is a great truck!

In 2009 alone, U.S. taxpayers will spend $103.5 billion on military resources used to secure access to petroleum, while investing only $1.26 billion in renewable energy sources. Including Iraq War-related costs doubles this figure to $215.4 billion dollars – just to secure oil. The reason? Although the United States accounts for less than 5% of the world’s population, it consumes nearly 24% of the world’s oil and produces 20% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Because the U.S. does not produce the 20 million barrels of oil a day that it consumes, it relies on oil from other countries.

My friend Allie found some “eco-friendlier” hair color. She says “The dye doesn’t contain Ammonia, Thioglycolates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, or plastics. The colors don’t fade or yellow. They didn’t make my scalp itch, or sting. There was no odor while dying my hair, and in fact, the entire salon was odor-free. The website says that the lack of ammonia fumes makes the process safer for customers and salon employees.”

In its struggle to make New York more green, the Bloomberg administration has tried discouraging people from using plastic bags. It has taken out ads beseeching residents to use cloth bags and set up recycling bins for plastic bags at supermarkets. But now the carrots have been put away, and the stick is out: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has called for charging shoppers 6 cents for every plastic bag needed at the register. Now, to just get the other 20,000+ other cities to follow suit.

The Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide 2008 – We’re so proud to be able to present our second annual Safer Toy Guide, to help steer you towards some of the handcrafted, locally made, organic, fair trade, or simply safer alternatives for the littlest people in our lives. We want the world to know that safer doesn’t mean boring, and handmade doesn’t mean amateur. And in a tight economy, we hope that you’re willing to invest in better quality toys, even if that means having fewer of them. How many rattles does one kid need anyway?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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