Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Ninety Seven.

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I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas if you celebrate, and that you can relax a little today now that it is over. All the hoopla and the shopping for a single day – amazing that anyone makes it through it! We are enjoying our time here visiting family and are looking forward to a quieter day.

A newspaper in Massachusetts reported that a resident was able to power his home for three days using his Prius battery. A power failure resulting from ice storms last week prompted an inventive Prius owner to wire up his hybrid’s car battery and get juice to his lights, tv, fridge and freezer on “roughly five gallons of gas”.

A plan to build the United States’ first offshore wind farm took another step forward on Tuesday, after the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection approved its proposed undersea cables to transmit power to the mainland.

The holidays are over and the lights will come down soon. But what should you do about recycling and reusing old holiday light strings?

Is there a goal you want to accomplish, but just cannot find the time to start it? It might be something trivial like, to reduce the amount of TV watching, or time spent browsing the Internet. It might be, to become an early riser, or to quit drinking alcohol, or to start a home business. Whatever it is, what is keeping you where you are instead of reaching your desired destination?

Have a great weekend!

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