Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Ninety.

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We are moving again! Although this time its only 10 minutes away and not 15 hours away. We will be transitioning into the new house during the first week of December and we are really looking forward to it…except for the packing part. Luckily we left a lot of stuff in boxes and it’s an in-town move so we don’t have to pack up everything that well. Once we are settled in, will have more information about the house and our plans. On to the news…

Thousands of Indian Farmers are Committing Suicide After Using Genetically Modified Crops. Shankara, like millions of other Indian farmers, had been promised previously unheard of harvests and income if he switched from farming with traditional seeds to planting GM seeds instead. Beguiled by the promise of future riches, he borrowed money in order to buy the GM seeds. But when the harvests failed, he was left with spiraling debts – and no income.

Every Day is Voting Day. Every day we vote with our shopping dollars. Are we supporting unsustainable, toxic products and companies or are we supporting conscious, safe, and sustainable companies and products? When we go down the aisle of the grocery store and pick up a bottle of cleaning fluid or a box of cereal we are casting a vote in support of that product and that company”¦are you voting for the people and things you want to be?

Under President-elect Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., the fossil fuels industry may face “dark days ahead,” while alternative energy sectors are likely to flourish. Let’s hope so!

Are Aveda products as safe and natural as they claim? Many people are incredibly disappointed to trust in this ”˜green’ image of Aveda, only to read the ingredients on their products and realize that many contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals and other ingredients of questionable safety and origin.

It was a glorious summer for the giant of oil giants. Record prices for petroleum and so record prices at the pump unsurprisingly have retained ExxonMobil’s righteous crown as the most profitable company in the world: $14.8 billion in profit this past quarter. And yet, this administration continues to give them subsidies and tax breaks. Amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone, and congrats again to President Barack Obama!

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