Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Seven.

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Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning first thing, yeah! We are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon and other assorted places around the Southwest. I do have posts scheduled for all next week, but I won’t be able to answer any emails until we get back. So if the site goes down or you don’t hear back from me quickly, it’s cause…I am away! Oh, and on Monday, I have a great guest post scheduled, be sure to check it out. See you later…

San Francisco lawmakers vote to ban plastic shopping bags, the first such ban in the U.S…..and hopefully the first of many!

Would it be possible to make bio-plastics from maple syrup?

Is the Bush Administration secretly rewriting the Endangered Species Act?

Solar powered boat makes history by being the first to cross the Atlantic under solar power.

Have a great week everyone, enjoy next weeks posts and guest posts, and I will be back in a week!

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