Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Seventy One.

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Today is moving day so I will make this fast – while moving to a new place is exciting and fun, packing everything is most certainly not. You never really think you have as much stuff as you end up having, do you? For the next 10 days or so we will be sleeping on an air mattress with our sleeping bags in the middle of the living room, with only the computer, a few books, and the cat to entertain us. Let’s see how this goes!

A planning commission in Madison, WI is deciding right now whether to make you walk inside Starbucks to order your vanilla soy iced latte. In addition to the fact that drive-throughs waste valuable gas — an increasing important concern — councilman Eric Sundquist worries about the effect of building any more establishments that encourage people to spew greenhouse gases as they wait in idling cars. He wants the council to place restrictions on drive-thrus based on some kind of air pollution standard. I agree with this idea and hope it goes through. I went into a coffee place the other day and there were 7 cars in line at the drive-thru…and only 2 cars in the parking lot. I was in and out with my coffee before one car had even moved in that line.

How close are we to being too late to stop global warming? James Hansen thinks we have a few decades to reverse it at most, and that is if we take drastic measures starting TODAY. Since the AP is now charging people to excerpt any phrase/word/sentence from them, this will be the last time I will link to a story of theirs if I can help it, and will always search out alternative sources instead. It’s the most ridiculous thing in the world, if you ask me. For a great take on it, check out this article.

Four major western oil companies, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP and Total are about to sign U.S.-brokered no-bid contracts to begin exploiting Iraq’s oil fields. Saddam Hussein had kicked these firms out three decades ago when he nationalized Iraq’s oil industry. The U.S.-installed Baghdad regime is welcoming them back. Iraq is getting back the same oil companies that used to exploit it when it was a British colony. As former fed chairman Alan Greenspan recently admitted, the Iraq war was all about oil. The invasion was about SUV’s, not democracy.

Did you know that when you buy a product from the Apple store, they give you the choice of whether you want a printed receipt or one emailed to you? I had forgotten that they did that until I ran over the other day to pick up a charger and had them email the receipt to me. If only every store could do that, imagine the reduction in paper waste from all of our shopping!

Some environmental facts about the phone books in the UK: Laid end to end they would stretch over half way around the world (22,500km); 680,000 barrels of oil wasted in phone book production (not including the wasted petrol used for their delivery to your doorstep); 2 billion litres of water is used in the production process (not to mention the amount of water wasted in the recycling process); and 437 million kilowatts of energy used in the production process. Luckily 192.com have launched http://www.saynotophonebooks.com/ and even a Facebook group in order to encourage you to sign an e-petition to get the rules changed to an opt-in system for physical phone books.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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