Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Seventy Seven.

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We actually went and looked at an earthship for sale this week, and I tried to imagine myself living out on the mesa, off-the-grid, with all the comforts of home. The idea of it sure intrigues me! While I give that some thought, here are some things that caught my eye this past week:

EcoBrain.com is a seller of eBooks about the environment and environmentally friendly living – and they have almost any title you could want! (I really need to read Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry) eBooks are on par with reusable water bottles and grocery bags in terms of their ability to give consumers affordable, green buying alternatives, and just 1 hour of energy spent on a laptop computer equals the amount of energy expended to create just 4 sheets of paper. Although I am not about to give up on traditional books just yet, if you don’t mind reading ebooks over traditional books, these guys look like the way to go to find the books you want. Very cool stuff over there to check out!

The major cattle cloning companies in the United States have admitted that they have not bothered to try and keep meat from the offspring of clones out of the U.S. food supply, in spite of a request by the FDA several years ago. “This is a fairy tale that this technology is not being used and is not already in the food chain,” said Donald Coover, who owns a specialty cattle semen business. “Anyone who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re not being honest.”

It can be hard to focus on eating greener when the very staples you need cost more than usual. Fortunately, there’s a veritable cornucopia of ways to green your grocery list while keeping your costs in check: everything from prioritizing organic purchases to cutting down on meat to buying local and growing your own food. After all, if you are what you eat, then you also eat what you are — so eat green. Here’s how to start.

Get involved – help a non-profit to provide safe drinking water to people worldwide. By either running a garage sale and donating the proceeds or coming up with inventive ways to raise money (there is a contest involved!), a $30 donation provides clean drinking water to one person for life.

There are many good reasons to install a solar-electric system at home to generate some or all of your own electricity. Learn what you need to know about how solar panels work, how much they cost, why you might want a grid-tied system, and where to learn more about important local regulations such as net metering.

Ten years ago, long before it was fashionable, Bernadell and Stu Thompson built an off-grid ready house in San Antonio, Texas. Now, everyone wants a tour. “Even two years ago, we were considered way out there,” Bernadell said. “Now people are coming to us and asking, ”˜How did you do this?’”

Teflon is the only surface to which a gecko cannot stick. I don’t know of anybody that has gecko and eggs for breakfast, and I think that responsible consumers should avoid consuming Teflon cookware.

I know a lot of you out there are quite apprehensive about peak oil and what it means for the future. The cost and availability of oil have been all over the news the last few months and we are all witness to the rising oil prices. We’ll see something similar with natural gas in the next few years as we hit peak natural gas soon, too. The short story on this is that there is or will be a decline in availability of easy-access and inexpensive energy sources…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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