Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Seventy Three.

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A clean energy economy is a win for American jobs. A recent report showed that investment in a clean and efficient economy would “lead to over 3 million new green-collar jobs, stimulate $1.4 trillion in new GDP, add billions in personal income and retail sales, produce $284 billion in net energy savings, all while generating sufficient returns to the U.S. treasury to pay for itself over ten years.”

World marketed energy consumption is projected to increase by 50 percent from 2005 to 2030, according to a new report from the United States Energy Information Agency. Total energy demand in non-OECD countries is projected to increase by 95 percent, while OECD countries are expected to increase consumption by 24 percent.

The state of California has announced plans for all new vehicles to carry “global warming” stickers next to their number plate, giving car owners – and their fellow motorists – an instant assessment of their carbon footprint. Under the scheme, which became law this week, a “global warming score” and “smog score” of between one and 10 will appear on green information labels. The higher each score, the more environmentally friendly the car. Green stickers are expected to start appearing later this month. New York has its own version of the labelling scheme due to take effect in 2010.

An Indiana teacher who used a much lauded bestseller, The Freedom Writers Diary, to try to inspire under-performing high-school students has been suspended from her job without pay for 18 months. The Writers Diary, a series of true stories written by inner-city teenagers, was put together by a teacher, Erin Gruwell, and has been celebrated as a model for transforming young lives. It was made into a film with Hilary Swank last year. Seriously? Now teachers are getting in trouble for actually trying to help under-performing high school kids? Wow.

The HOG is a rainwater catchment and greywater storage system consisting of slim modules that can be placed within, around, or underneath a home. Because of their size and dimensions, the HOGs fit into spaces where larger water storage tanks couldn’t normally be installed. They are designed for flexibility and can stand upright or be placed on their sides depending on the demands of the space into which they are going. This very cool, very smart water conservation tool can also help a building become more energy efficient via passive cooling.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Ok, as a CA resident (on paper) and a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel driving owner, I have to say I’ve got a real problem with the carbon footprint tag program.

    I live in a 5th wheel trailer, which is why I need a Dodge, to pull it whenever I move my house. I fuel up with biodiesel whenever I can, and try to lighten my footprint this way. Considering the fact that I don’t own a stick home, even with a Dodge diesel my carbon footprint is much, much smaller than the typical suburban home dweller. Does that stupid sticker take THAT into consideration? NO!

    This labeling program is just fascist, and instantly makes anyone with a certain kind of vehicle a target for angry people who want to take out their aggressions on someone. This doesn’t take an ounce into consideration the tons of other things I and others might do to live green.

    For the first time, I have to agree with the neocons. All it does is give some fatass DMV worker more work and more job security in an already f-‘d up organization.

    Now I know, I’m never, ever moving back to Cali.

  2. Rene, I was waiting to see who would be the first one to comment. 🙂 I agree with you – it’s not right. And as a CA resident who just moved 2 weeks ago today, I can tell you that they don’t need stickers for people take out their green angst on big trucks – it happens anyway!

    The fact that your home basically is your truck makes you greener than most, unless perhaps you drove a bicycle and lived in an earthship!! I don’t think it is the intelligent liberals coming up with this crap – its the people who A. want something to do at work and B. are trying to ring more money out of people for more wasteful govt…

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