Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Seventy.

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Gay marriage is finally legalized in California; sky falls. Wait, did it? Hold on, let me check….Nope. However, I suppose there are those people who will fight it and try to get it repealed, and after they do that I guess they will be trying to repeal women’s right to vote and the freeing of the slaves. In all seriousness, congrats to anyone and everyone who wants to or is getting married after this legislation finally passed!

In what could be a very fun experiment to try someday, here are some instructions for how to make a solar oven from nothing more than a cardboard box, construction paper, tin foil, non-toxic glue, and a piece of clear plastic. Very cool!

Fluoride is now being added to the water systems of Los Angeles and San Diego, in spite of the substance’s classification as a toxin by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Fluoride refers to any compound made with the element fluorine, one of the most reactive elements known. Because fluorine reacts easily with other chemicals, it is widely used in industrial applications such as metal manufacture, glass, ceramics, Teflon, pesticide, rat poison and the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. A number of studies have linked ingestion of fluoride to neurological and skeletal effects, including causing brain and thyroid damage and bone cancer in adolescent boys. Recent research has found a number of fluoride compounds to be endocrine disruptors, which mimic the body’s hormones with the potential for serious reproductive and developmental harm. Sweet!

While a number of speakers — such as Railroad Commission chairman Michael Williams and Mike Huckabee — have praised the advance of Barack Obama and what it means towards a colorblind society, at least one vendor hasn’t gotten the message. At the Republican state convention, a booth hosted by Republicanmarket was selling a pin Saturday that says: If Obama is President will we still call it the White House. Those Republicans, always so crazy with their “jokes”, right?

From the Crunchy Chicken: “At what point did the standard for male sexuality switch from muscular, hairy men to androgynous, hairless ones? What am I talking about and what does this have to do with the environment? Well, bear with me and I’ll ‘splain.” Thank goodness I have this unruly beard to tend to!

That’s all folks – one week from today the movers are taking everything away, and a few days after that we will be in the new house. Wish us luck!

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  1. Just a quick correction…it wasn’t legislation that legalized same-sex marriage, but a state Supreme Court decision. Of course radical Christians use this as a talking point, shouting about “activist judges” who “legislate from the bench.” Reasonable types know, of course, that “activisim” is part of the Supreme Court’s job description, with plenty of precedent like the “activist judges” who overturned the Jim Crow laws. That was “legislating from the bench” on a much larger scale than this gay marriage decision, but no one tried to overturn that with legislation or a constitutional amendment. Wait, no, I forgot about Strom Thurmond.

  2. I am so proud of Cali, and was stoked that equal rights are finally available for everyone there. It almost makes me want to go back.

    And as for the Obama joke. Ugh. I just heard some dumbass old fart Texan say something about “his Daddy rolling in the grave” if Obama wins. Scuse me, what decade is this, old man?

    So I gave more money to Obama’s campaign.

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