Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Sixty Five.


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It’s amazing to think that we only have 6 weeks left of living here in Southern California. After all these years of living here, it sure seems strange to be preparing to move 900 miles away. But we are excited about our new adventure in New Mexico! While I figure out how I am going to move all this stuff, check out some articles that caught my eye this week:

12 Reasons Why High Gas Prices Are GOOD For America. I especially like #4 – High gas prices are causing some Americans to rethink (or at least reduce) their attraction to “stuff.”

Peel-and-stick solar panels – Lumeta’s light-weight, adhesive photovoltaics make it easier than ever to slap solar panels up on your roof — and that’s good for all kinds of reasons. By cutting down on the time and costs of solar installation, Lumeta’s parent company, DRI, is hoping to switch on a larger section of public. The Power-Ply 380 panels can be installed in a matter of minutes and DRI estimates that their system reduces hardware costs by 70%.

We must do the right thing in our life even when it’s not convenient for us. This is called integrity. Here are several ways that we can build trust and do the right thing.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs: Answering the Critics. It’s interesting that every time I talk about the advantages of compact fluorescent bulbs, I see the same criticisms over and over. Thus, I though I’d spend a bit of time responding to each of them.

From Mother Earth News, 1977 – This $30 Solar Setup Heats a 30 X 40 Workshop for Five Hours or More Every Sunny Winter Day. Imagine that – 30 years ago someone had devised a virtually free solar heating system for a workshop!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. It is painful to read about what they are doing, isn’t it? I think we are even going to see more and more development in train travel in the near future, as they can move way more people using way less gas that way.

    But yes, it hurts…but personally I would not mind if it went a little bit higher…:-)

  2. Hey David, thanks for the mention. Hopefully these high energy prices will cause EVERYONE to rethink a lot of things.

    I keep seeing these train commercials bragging about how a diesel electric train can move a ton of freight over 400 miles on a single gallon. Why can’t we put that technology to use in personal vehicles? I’m sure there’s a valid reason but … dang, 400 mpg????

    These high oil will also drive technology to design more efficient everything..from vehicles to heating our homes to power plants to adhesives to paints to you name it.

    It still hurts though! 🙂

  3. Thank you for mentioning Mother Earth News on your Web site. We appreciate the attention.

    Laura Evers
    Mother Earth News

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