Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Sixty One.


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In between tourist trips around Los Angeles, here are some great articles that caught my eye this week!

Microloans or Microcredit are financial innovations designed to provide the very poor with the means to start or maintain small businesses. I strongly believe in the “teach a man to fish” principle. Microloans seem to give those with some initiative a hand without creating a crutch. So glad to see more people talking about Microloans!

Live in Wisconsin? Want to learn more about being green and getting involved? Check out Greenvoting For Wisconsin, which was created as part of an environmental politics class at Marquette University and is trying to become Wisconsin’s largest online monitor and resource for green policies.

There’s a new plot underway to sterilize your food and destroy the nutritional value of fresh produce.

Yesterday I Became a Bicycle Commuter. With the weather warming up and the daylight lasting longer I’ve decided to tune up the bike, purchase a helmet and map out a safe route home. Look forward to hearing how it goes!

No matter how green you try to be, there comes a point where your throw rug/floor mat/living room carpet is too dirty, or too stained, or too out of style for you to keep using. But don’t throw it out with the trash yet!

We didn’t know that this kind of thing still went on, but scientists spread “biosolids” on yards in poor black neighborhoods in Baltimore to test whether it might protect kids from lead poisoning. The theory was that the iron and phosphates in the sludge would bind to the lead and help it pass through the child’s body if eaten. The parents were told that the stuff was harmless compost, when in fact sludge can be contaminated with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and microorganisms.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my new bicycle commute plan. It’s gone pretty well the first four days, but I have to confess I am in much worse shape than I was ten years ago! I remember when riding a bike was just something I did for fun – now it is a real chore to push up and down the few hills between work and home. It will get easier over time, and I am loving the fact that I haven’t used any gas to travel home this week.

  2. David – Thanks for highlighting my article about microloans! I hope more people get involved in this neat idea. It is weird how it has been around for so long, but seems to still be gaining momentum. This is just another example of how real-world problems are usually solved at the grass roots level instead of by government intervention.

    Also, thanks for pointing out the article on recycling and reusing old rugs. It had some neat ideas!

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