Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Sixty Six.

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Los Angeles officials discussed Thursday a plan to conserve water which includes limiting water use, punishing water wasters and recycling waste water, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. According to the article, certain limitations on when and how often citizens could water their lawns or wash their cars would be put in place. Unfortunately, and not unexpectedly, people are fighting it because I guess they actually want to run out of water.

Celebrating the small victories in our lives is important. We’re all probably pretty good at celebrating holidays, birthdays, and promotions, but what about the smaller, more routine accomplishments? It is much easier to ignore these and let them pass without acknowledging them. In doing so, we miss out on a lot of joy in our lives.

Honda Motor Co said on Wednesday it would launch a new, low-cost hybrid car in Japan, North America and Europe in early 2009 as it seeks to cut the lead of Toyota Motor Corp in the green car race. Despite the pressure of record-high oil prices and concerns over climate change, fuel-efficient and low-emission hybrids still occupy a small niche in the global car market, partly due to their higher costs for both consumers and automakers. We should have waited to buy our new car! However, not sure if they will be making what we needed for New Mexico.

The concept of the full-time RV lifestyle is very simple: live rent-free in your vehicle. If you want something – financial freedom, for instance – you’ve gotta pick up and make it happen, just like these people are picking up in their RVs and living out their dreams.

In addition to trying to do my part to conserve water, I want to be able to water my plants, without waiting for Mother Nature to send the rain. I built my barrel in about two hours and it’s now the repository for all my recycled water and rainfall, such as it is. Peruse the gallery, follow the construction steps, and you can be the proud owner of your very own rain barrel and, might I say, the envy of your neighbors.

As a follow up to 25 Ways to Save Money on Gas, I though I’d share some additional online resources to help you find the lowest gas prices. So in addition to Gas Buddy and GasNearU, both of which I mentioned in the saving money on gas article, here are a few more worth checking out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. The story about people resisting the water conservation in L.A. isn’t surprising. Americans don’t seem to want to exercise discipline in any area of their lives even when it is for their own good. As examples, just look at how overweight and financially overextended most families are today. I am certainly not a doomsday type person, but I believe that there is a day of reckoning coming in all these matters. These things have a way of naturally correcting themselves.

    Thanks for linking to my article about the small joys in life!

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