Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Sixty Two.


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Frugal Dad shares 12 household uses for used plastic containers. Good stuff…

In the category of “saw this coming”, the Vice President and Managing Director of Climate Change for the World Wildlife Fund just said “President Bush is not offering a realistic policy proposal. His plan is so lacking in substance, it seems designed only to undercut efforts in Congress and at the international level to reduce climate emissions.” Um, no surprise here.

Did you know that it takes 90 years to grow a box of Kleenex? That’s right, every time you use a Kleenex tissue, you are blowing away ancient forests. And every time you use Scott or Cottonelle toilet paper, you’re flushing old growth trees down the toilet. That’s because Kimberly Clark, maker of these products, all but refuses to use recycled paper in its products.

Kids are sponges. They absorb whatever they are exposed to. It is obvious just look around. There is violence in our schools and half-dressed teenage girls at the mall. Some would blame this on the kids, but I do not. I point the finger squarely at the parents. We are the adults. It is our responsibility to be the moral leaders in our homes.

Hundreds of Environmental Protection Agency scientists said they have been victims of political interference and pressure from superiors to skew their findings, according to a survey by the Union of Concerned Scientists. EPA scientists described an agency where senior managers and the White House Office of Management and Budget frequently second-guess scientific findings and change work conducted by EPA scientists, the report said.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Wow, the Kleenex article was really eye-opening. I’m off to buy another package of handkerchiefs! We also recently made the switch to cloth napkins to reduce our paper consumption.

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