Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Thirty Four.

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Since my wife is away this weekend at a conference, I think I will do something completely out of the…no I won’t, who am I kidding? I will be right here working on the site and cleaning the house. Exciting, no? On to the reads…

A new strain of the bird flu virus spreading around the world is more infectious to humans, a study lead by a U.S. researcher has found. Terrific! Maybe we can spray bleach and antibiotic hand sanitizer on it!

Wal-Mart Short-Changes Public Schools – “Once a store has been in operation for a while, Wal-Mart frequently challenges the assessed value that local officials assign to it for tax purposes. In an effort to cut the property tax it pays to local governments–revenue that pays for public education, police and fire protection and other vital services–Wal-Mart routinely tries to belittle the value of its own facilities.” OH, and this.

A letter from Bill McKibben – There are occasional moments in history when we desperately need leadership, and this is one of them. If we’re going to deal with global warming, then we need to go beyond politicians who say the right words and find champions who will actually do the tough work to transform our energy economy.

SimCity Societies – the forthcoming installment in the classic urban simulation franchise – will include a global warming variable. Man, did I love me some Sim City back in the day…I was a lonely boy.

The “Once A Door” chair turns a reclaimed door into sculptural chaise that is as environmentally friendly as it is thought-provoking. Cool, but is it comfortable at all?

Six members of the US Air Force who were involved in the Minot AFB “Ooops, how did those nukes get on my plane” incident, have died mysteriously. I am not normally one for conspiracy theories, but weird…

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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