Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Thirty One.

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Exciting news! The Good Human is being redesigned and should launch next week sometime. I have been working on this for a while now in my free time and it is really coming together. Some of you may have noticed that my posts have been less in-depth and that’s because I have been concentrating on the new design. Stick around though, it will be worth it. If you have any requests or anything you would like to see on the new site, please let me know. I will write about it briefly when it does happen so you can stop by and take a look! On to the news…

Grand evidence of our Patriot Act has arrived, courtesy of the University of Florida. It seems now you can get arrested and tasered for asking a question of a failed presidential contender. Andrew Meyer was arrested and then tasered out back for trying to ask John Kerry why he did not protest his election loss in 2004. Sure, the kid was loud when they asked him to leave, but come on. Arrested. Tasered. For asking a question. Lovely.

Consumption of energy and many other critical resources is consistently breaking records, disrupting the climate and undermining life on the planet, according to the latest Worldwatch Institute report. Fantastic news, no? Glad we are growing so quickly!

International travelers concerned about being labeled a terrorist or drug runner by secret Homeland Security algorithms may want to be careful what books they read on the plane. Privacy advocates obtained database records showing that the government routinely records the race of people pulled aside for extra screening as they enter the country, along with cursory answers given to U.S. border inspectors about their purpose in traveling

French consortium Novarka signed a contract Monday with Ukraine to shut away the radioactive heart of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster with a multi-million-euro protective cover designed to last a hundred years. Novarka will build a steel shield 190 metres (623 feet) wide and 200 metres (656 feet) long to cover the existing containment structure, or sarcophagus, which stands over the reactor and radioactive fuel that caused the accident in the dying years of the Soviet Union. Only 100 years? Oh right, I won’t be here by then. Have at it guys! (kidding, of course. I will be here! ;-))

While following Midwestern renewable energy news lately could easily lead one to believe that it’s “all ethanol all the time” here in flyover country, there is good news – Missouri’s first wind farm is to be dedicated on Monday. Windfarm? Missouri? See, they can be put anywhere!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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