Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Thirty Seven.

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I will have a post about it next week sometime, but my wife and I have decided to take the train to Chicago for the holidays. Combining the fact that A. airfare was ridiculously expensive, B. we always wanted to take the train a long distance, C. we got ourselves a sleeper car, and D. there are way less emissions from rail travel compared to flying, we are really looking forward to this adventure. It should be interesting! So look for that post next week, but in the meantime check out some articles that caught my eye this past week.

Just shoot me: The vaccination quandry
over at Enviroblog talks about the vaccination of our kids.

Green Daily has 20 ways to save the environment with your computer.

Green as a Thistle talks about Coping with green guilt. No one is perfect, but remember we all try to do our best!

Lighter Footstep has 12 tips for a greener autumn. While I live in SoCal, I can remember those crisp fall days on the east coast!

One of the toughest auto engineering competitions in the world, the World Solar Challenge Competition, has come and gone, and a winner has finally crossed the finishing line!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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