Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Twenty Four.

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It must be another weekend because we have house guests again. My wife’s mom is here for a week or so to take in a few of the sites around Los Angeles. Last time she was here we did not get to do much so hopefully this time she can see all the stuff she missed last time. L.A. is more fascinating to those not living here, so it always gives us a new perspective on where we live when people come visit. On to the news!

Good news for mercury lovers! A BP refinery in Indiana will be allowed to continue to dump mercury into Lake Michigan under a permit issued by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Wow, that’s fantastic… I cannot wait to go swimming up there. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?

Done paying off your debt? How about turning those old credit cards into a nice little magnetic flower boxes to grow your own mini flowers in!

Sustainable is Good says that Target stores have introduced a new gift card made from a bioplastic called Mirel. The gift card is biodegradable and made from natural sources. Way to go Target! If anyone wants to send me a fully charged one to try out, I am more than willing to do so (wink wink).

Green web pioneer Treehugger has been sold to Discovery Communications. While I want to say congrats and good luck, I am scared what will become of them now that they are part of that huge machine. I hope they maintain their independence and status quo. But good luck and congrats anyway and I hope this helps spread green news to a wider audience.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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