Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Twenty Nine.

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With temperatures here in Southern California going over 112 degrees for the last week, one’s mind turns to global warming. I know it’s California and all, but I have lived here for 12 years now and have never seen heat like this for such an extended period of time. On to the news…

Just how bad has the situation in the Arctic gotten? In the past week alone, scientists estimate that an area almost twice the size of Britain disappeared as a result of the unprecedented heat. So much ice has now melted, in fact, that the Northwest Passage has become fully navigable for the first time in history. Fan-Friggin-Tastic. Nope, gonna go bury my head in the sand, nothing to see here. Nothing happening. Nope.

The recent announcement by Kroger stores to prohibit the genetically engineered growth hormone rbST (also known as rbGH) from its private label milk brand is part of a nationwide trend among dairy processors, retailers and farmers. The reason? Consumers cite legitimate health concerns, including increased cancer risks and antibiotic resistance. Glad to see people are realizing that it’s not too healthy to drink and eat man-made growth hormones.

If you think lead in your children’s toys are bad, what aren’t you finding out about? I am all about making things safer, and this list has a bunch of stuff that they think are worse than some lead paint in a toy. While I agree, I cannot agree that they are any worse than a child ingesting lead paint.

Looking for ways to clear your mind and your personal space? Personally I think an organized space is pretty eco-friendly, as it enables you to see and use what you have and not buy replacements because you cannot find something. Lighter Footstep has some great tips on purging your stuff…

Newsflash – Stress can cause infertility. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, head on over to Green Fertility and read the article.

Be sure when you buy furniture, you buy the most sustainable things you can find. In this case, I cannot wait until I have an outdoor space to put furniture in because I will be sure to pick up a few of these chairs made from recycled milk jugs.

And on a political note, remember the nukes that were “accidentally” shipped to an Airforce base in Arksdale, Louisiana? Ex-CIA Spy Larry Johnson says it was no accident cause accidents like this don’t happen. There is something bigger going on here, and I don’t like the sounds of it. Tin-foil hat or not, it’s scary as all hell.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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