Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Twenty One.

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With 2 weddings down and 1 more to go, this summer has entailed a lot of travel. When is this country going to get its act together and make a train system that actually works and goes where I need it to go in less than a few days? I would give anything to travel by train around the country, but with all the delays, stops, slow trains and prices that rival airfare, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Oh well, on to the news!

Drivers in Britain are paying £1 a liter ($7.60 per US gallon) for gasoline, so I think it is high time we stop the complaining. By Labor Day some are saying that gas will be $4.00 a gallon here in the U.S., so be ready and remember how much the Brits pay.

When a 13 year old understands better than most how jeans are made, my faith in today’s youth grows stronger. She digs deep into how jeans are made, from the cultivation of cotton, pesticide use, human labor and gasoline use…a very worthwhile read from a very knowledgeable 13 year old.

Sustainable Day talks about the wonders of bamboo and how it quite possibly is the most most sustainable product we can use to build with. I couldn’t agree more, and am so happy that we are seeing more and more bamboo products everywhere. Included in the post are just a handful of things we can use bamboo for.

The Good Human is now featured every Thursday on the website Natural Path. If you don’t know what Natural Path is, you are missing out. This past Thursday my article about 5 cheap things you can buy today to help the environment was featured. Be sure to take a look at all the great articles over there!

That’s all folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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