Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Twenty Six.

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This week has been a doozy of a week…the stock market going every which way, Karl Rove resigning, hurricanes and earthquakes attacking the earth..it hasn’t seemed to stop for a minute. So I wasn’t surprised that I had saved up a ton of articles to mention today; I pick them out all week and then have a look for these posts. Well, this week there are more than the typical 4 stories, but I hope you don’t mind.

Wal-Mart is on shaky financial ground…maybe now they know how their employees feel? The company’s growth rate has slowed to a crawl, overtaken by rivals once thought to be no match for the “beast of Bentonville.”

The White House is labeling the entire Iranian Army as terrorists…hmm, think they are trying to create a scenario so we can attack them? Even for the Bush White House, this seems a rather strange and bizarre tactic.

Group that advocated Bush become “President-for-Life” linked to Bush Administration itself. Here’s what the article says- “Dick Cheney, Vice President of the U.S. under George W. Bush, was an early member of Center’s Board of Advisers (which is now called the National Security Advisory Council).” Seemingly the pages disappeared from the “internets”, but thanks to caching, they are still around.

The DNA Of Ancient Organisms In Melting Glaciers May Return To Life. This ought to be exciting. I cannot wait to see some of the weird organisms wiggling around outside my apartment door. Maybe now we can finally revive the Wooly Mammoth!

Snickers bars are now good for vegetarians? Please…they aren’t good for anyone, never mind vegetarians.

…“Striking similarities” between America’s current situation and the factors that brought down Rome, including “declining moral values and political civility at home, an over-confident and over-extended military in foreign lands and fiscal irresponsibility by the central government”. Sounds exciting…when can I get out my shield and sword like the Romans?

We are now treating the Earth’s atmosphere as an open sewer
… I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants.” – Al Gore. I guess he really isn’t running for President, huh?

Try to have a safe and healthy weekend everyone!

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