RadioShack lays off 400 employees by email.


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Add another company to the list of places you dont ever want to work, along with Northwest Airlines. In Forth Worth, 400 employees received an email Tuesday morning informing them that they were laid off effective immediately.

Seriously, the management that was making this decision couldnt spare a few minutes of their time to inform people face to face?

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This reminds me though of one job I had where we got laid off the Monday after the Christmas/New Years holiday. We had just had the week off, and returned to work on Monday only to find boxes by our desks. We had 2 hours to clean out our stuff and get out. Everyone was joking about it, and we went to the bar across the street afterwards, but the biggest complaint anyone had was “why couldnt they have called me and just told me not to come all the way in for this?” My commute was 1 hour by train, so I wasnt too thrilled about it, but the party at the bar at 10am was great.

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  1. I was one of a string of layoffs at a company once… I was packing up to go home and got a phone call at 5pm telling me to meet my boss at his office. 5pm. When I asked when my last day would be (i figured it would be effective immediately but figured I’d ask) the answer was: I hadn’t thought of that.


  2. I dont know whats better…being kicked out that day or being told you dont know when the last day will be!

    Gotta love corporate work.

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