Rainforest gets more protected status

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Finally some good news involving the rainforest in Brazil. Seems that 15 million hectares are being protected from development and/or stripping. I have included a little blurb from the article and the picture of what exactly is going to be protected. Be sure to read the entire article for a clearer understanding of what they will be doing.

“Vast tracts of rainforest in Brazil are to get a new protected status.

The segments of land in the northern Para state together cover 15 million hectares (57,915 sq miles), an area of land that is bigger than England.

Thousands of wildlife species inhabit the pristine forest, including jaguars, anteaters and colourful macaws.

Campaigners say the decision made by Para Governor Simao Jatene is one of the most important conservation initiatives of recent years.

It will protect the land from the unsustainable logging and agriculture practices that have blighted many parts of the Amazon.”

Source:BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Rainforest gets protected status

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