Re-Grow Your Own! Everlasting Abundance From Your Scraps!

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The top complaints that I hear from people regarding food are:

  • It is so expensive
  • It is not fresh enough
  • The farming methods are unethical
  • Too many pesticides are used

One of the most obvious solutions is to grow your own! That can ensure that you avoid virtually all of these issues.


The cost of herbs in particular can be very high – as much as $6 for a pack, which lasts for a meal or two at the most. Vegetables also add up if you like to feed your family a healthy and balanced diet. Over time it can be expensive to keep freshness on your plate.


You can take complete charge over your own garden – deciding to go green and avoid fertilisers and pesticides entirely. There are many eco-friendly ways to protect your crop at home. This is a great way to protect yourself and your family from the myriad unknown chemicals that sneak into our foods.


Vegetables that are grown in one country – shipped to another, sealed in plastic and stored for a couple of days will have a limited life in your refrigerator. So it is no surprise that salad and vegetables are often past their best by the time we come to eat them. Limp and bruised is not appetising, and we can end up wasting food that has used a whole bunch of energy just to make its way to your bin.

What you may not have realised is that every time you cook or clear out your refrigerator tray, you also end up throwing away your ticket to a never ending abundance of vegetables and herbs.With noting more than a scour of Pinterest I have found a whole host of great ideas to try. Let’s give them a go!

Romaine Lettuce

The following link from Remove and Replace give you step by step instructions – it is sio simple to grow your own crisp and tasty lettuce from just the leftover stump. This can be done on your windowsill in half an inch of water.

Fresh Mint

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