Recycle This – New Uses For An Old Garden Hose.

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Ever have a garden hose that just wasn’t cutting it anymore? Cuts, holes, broken nozzles…you know what I mean. If your garden hose is beyond repair, there are few things you can do with it so it can avoid a long miserable life in a landfill:

If you have children and a swing-set, you can wrap a section of the hose around the swing chains to protect their fingers. If you cannot remove the chains to fit the hose over them, just cut a slit in the side and wrap it around the chain.

You can make a soaker hose for your gardens and plants. Just punch holes throughout the old hose, lay into your garden or plant bed, and connect one end into a rain barrel or cistern…that way you don’t have to worry about watering anymore, you don’t have to use municipal water, and you can save money by not buying a new soaker hose!

Are you a tool bearing type of person? If so, you might have experienced getting cut by your saw at one point in your life. By cutting a section of hose and putting a slit in the side, you can cover the sharp edges of your tools.

Painter by trade or hobby? Then you know that carrying/holding a paint can for an extended period of time will leave some nice marks in your palm. Wrapping a section of the hose over the wire handle will give your hands a much needed break.

Know of any other great tips for an old garden hose? Let us know in the comments!

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