Recycle Your Used Outdoor Gear For A Good Cause.


If you have outdoor gear (backpacks, tents, supplies) that is in decent enough shape to be used by someone else, there is something much better you can do with it then throw it in a landfill. A program called Gear4Good run by The Mountain Fund wants your equipment so they can give it to kids in at-risk youth programs around the U.S. along with porter programs based internationally. This way, the goods get re-used by people whom otherwise would not have access to these products, and you can feel good about the fact that the stuff you no longer need is being kept out of the trash and put to positive use.

The Mountain Fund is pretty interesting in that they aim to organize grassroots non-profit and non-governmental organizations and to support and coordinate these organizations’ efforts to eliminate poverty, its causes and symptoms, in developing mountain communities. Check out more of what they do at their site, The Mountain Fund, and check into what you can donate to their causes. Giving to those who need it most is always better than just tossing out your old but still usable goods. They also always need funding for a variety of health care, human rights, economic and environmental programs, so be sure to give them a look.

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