Recycling Your Stuff To Other People Rather Than The Recycling Bin.


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In preparing for our move, we decided to finally get rid of every single case for the DVD’s and CD’s we had been keeping in our bookcase – there were just too many of them! A while back I had purged a large amount of them and sent them to the recycling bin, but we still found ourselves with several large boxes of DVD’s and CD’s with their cases just taking up valuable space. So we sat for a while removing all the media and putting it in those cases that hold several hundred of them and were left with a ton of those big plastic DVD cases and a bunch of the CD jewel boxes. Rather then just put them out back in the blue bin, I listed them on Craigslist and on and they were gone in less than a day!

Turns out that there are quite a few people that want these type of things, as I got a ton of responses back asking about them. The DVD cases went to a guy who ran his own video production company and a nice woman came and picked up the CD cases. I am so glad that someone else will get some use out of what would have been my recycling. For the past couple of years we have only been buying digital media that is kept on our computer or in our iPod, so luckily we have not been adding to the waste stream – but finally unloading those last cases from the “old days” sure did feel good!

It just goes to show you that no matter what you don’t want anymore, someone else out there might have a use for it. From plastic flowers to back issues of magazines to, well, DVD cases, why not recycle them in ways that involve other people rather than the bin out back? You can probably get rid of a lot more than you think you can this way…and the good news is that whatever is left over can still be recycled the “normal” way.

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  1. Even if they get tossed by the next person, if it stops them from buying the same thing brand new and THEN tossing that product, we are better off giving them our used ones so they get used one more time before they enter the trash,

  2. Darn it! If I had known this I would have posted them on craigslist to get rid of them, instead I tossed a couple dozen in the trash.. darn it!

  3. Funny…I’ve had this issue come up in the past 6 months, and here’s the debate I had with myself. Is it better to recycle them myself or give them away to someone else who may not end up recycling them and instead toss them in the garbage? It’s a tough call. I even thought of posting them for free but with the caveat that whomever took them had to promise they would recycle them when they were done, or pass them along in a similar manner. That may be the best situation, but in the end I wound up recycling them.

  4. I think a better solution would have been to Rip all of the media to your hard drive, then donate all of the CDs to the library. Although I only buy digital music nowadays, I also had an enormous CD collection leftover from the 80s and 90s. I ripped them all to my hard drive and donated the actual CDs to the library.

  5. Frank – it would have been to conserve space, but those books don’t take up that much room. Also, with the move fast approaching, we definitely did not have time to rip hundreds of CD’s! 🙂

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