Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – Turning An Old Window Into A New Mirror Part 2.


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About a month ago, I wrote about how I was turning an old window into a new mirror for our house – and it’s finally done! After much chipping, sanding, and painting, and having a piece of mirror cut for it, I can honestly say that I am pretty happy with the outcome. Not sure where in the house it’s going to be hung, so for now I keep trying it in different places. This is what it looked like as I was scraping all the junk off of it:

And this is what it looks like now:

Yes, that’s the ceiling reflected in the mirror

Yep, yours truly

The bottom pane is still glass, as I am planning on using it as a picture frame once I decide where it is going to be hung up. I am pretty psyched that I was able to take something that someone else had discarded and turn it into a nice piece. Never look past something thrown away without thinking if you can use it! And by using that color blue in our house, we have officially joined the ranks of the New Mexicans!

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  1. Great looking mirror and even better that you were able to reuse something already in existence. We did a similar project several years ago when we lived in a house without a window above the kitchen sink. We found an old 8 pane window at the dump, cleaned it up, and put mirrors in each of the panes. We hung it over the sink and it looked really cool.

  2. If it already has the mirror, you are one step ahead of where I was. Clean it up and prop it against the wall in a bath or guest room. New (old) floor length mirror!

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