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Post from The Good Human reader Abigail. I finally made the plunge and purged my makeup bag of all its pretty but toxic contents and traded them in for a set of mineral powders from Rejuva Minerals which I bought from Bye bye Chanel and Dr. Hauschka (yes, even some of Dr. Hauschka’s makeup line is highly toxic according to the Skin Deep database) and hello mineral makeup!

I am so happy I made the switch because Rejuva Minerals make up works great and now there’s no guilt or fear about using makeup. Once you know the toxic ingredients and damaging properties of the makeup we grew up using from the usual drug or department stores, it’s not pretty – and it’s hard to forget.

There are several main brands of mineral makeup easily available online as it’s not so ubiquitous or universal that you can cosy up to any Saks Fifth Avenue or Sephora counter and get an instructional makeover; Coastal Classic Creations has one of the largest selections of all natural makeup products that all register a 0 level of toxicity on the Skin Deep database. However, my recent purchase was from the makeup company Rejuva Minerals, which I chose because of the really helpful, pressure-free, and no-cost color match consulting online (they also offer free telephone consulting). You can tell them the brand and color/shade of every old blush, foundation or eyeshadow in an email consult or by mailing in color swatches, and they’ll find you a match with their own natural product line. There are also sample sizes available so that you can try out several without much investment. After some research, I found the following about Rejuva Minerals:

  • USA Made in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Mica & Titanium Dioxide Free Products
  • Free From Toxic Ingredients
  • Free From Nanoparticles and GMO’s
  • Gluten Free Foundations
  • Vegan Friendly Products
  • Complete Ingredient Disclosure
  • Earned the title “Champion” from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics makeup

rejuva minerals

But not all mineral makeup is created equal. And not all mineral makeup brands have a non-toxic company policy. Its always a good idea to check the EWG Skin Deep database when you find a new brand of makeup. The company Bare Escentuals, for example, which has its own stores in malls and is also available at Sephora, registers as anywhere from a 1, mildly toxic to a 6 or 7 being the highest level of toxicity in some of its products like lip gloss and acne and blemish treatment.

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