Renting A Toyota Prius Costs The Same As Renting A Regular Car.


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As some regular readers might have heard at some point, my wife has been going to school for quite some time while still working her day job. Well, the day has come for it to be over and she has graduation next week! We have some family coming into town for the big event, and since the only car we own is a Mini Cooper, we needed to rent a car to carry these people around. Trust me, any car is bigger than the Mini…we can’t even fit 4 people in it when I am driving because I am so tall!

I looked into renting a car and discovered EV Rental which rents hybrid cars and SUV’s. Yes! They rent the Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid and a few others. The prices are exactly the same as those “regular” car companies, but think of the money you can save on gas! So I have reserved us a Prius for the 4 days they will be here and I am really looking forward to spending some time with the car. We do eventually want to get one, but we will probably wait until we have a child to do so. Driving a kid around in a Mini just does not feel like a safe thing to do.

Anyways, if you are ever planning on renting a car, you might want to check out EV Rental. They are available at a bunch of different airports, the you get unlimited miles, and they are same price as renting that boring old Dodge you normally have to rent. I will let you know how it goes!

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  1. Oh CMAC….not anytime soon. But I know CMAC, so if anyone is looking to buy a Prius, let me know and I will let him know.

  2. Want a Prius? I’ll sell ya mine. It’s got a few dings, but they actually makes it easier to find in a parking lot full of otherwise identical Priuses (or is the plural form Priusi?).

  3. My partner and I took a vacation out in San Francisco/Sonoma last year and rented from EV Rentals because of their hybrid option. We had a great experience with them, and enjoyed our hybrid so much we bought one within the year. I think it is really important to make enviornmentally friendly choices in all your purchases. Hopefully we will start finding rental companies that offer hybrids everywhere . . . .

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