Report And Deport All Illegal Immigrants.


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No, I have not lost my mind. But I was emailed this photo today. If you happen to know anything about it, let me know. I mean, I know it is in Nebraska, but come on…this is scary that this is a real billboard.

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  1. Sorry if I don’t find the idea of deporting illegal immigrants scary. I find it more scary to give amnesty for them. There are Visas that can be requested for “Humanitarian” reasons.

    BTW, if someone asks what the reason is for your beliefs on something, you might want to actually answer it. Otherwise, it seems like you have no answer for your belief(s).

  2. BTW, your family was once an immigrant here, in one way or another. Have a little sympathy for people that dont have it as easy as you might have it. Im sorry you are so scared of people that are different than you.

  3. You want to know what’s scary about it, Vik? Whether or not you like it, millions of illegal immigrants have lived here for years while our governement basically turned a blind eye because corporations need cheap labor. So these people have been working, many of them actually paying taxes under fake social security numbers, under horrible conditions for very little money. They have families and many of them have children. So now the governement decides to crack down and people who have been living her for 10, 15, 20 years are just supposed to “get out”? And what about thier kids? If they were born here they are American ctizens, so what should we do about all the newly orphaned children whose parents have been deported? We can talk about tightening our borders, and that’s fine, but people that are already here leading law-abiding lives should not be subjected to a witch hunt by racist xenophobes. That, in my book, is scary.

  4. Thank you Amy, that was perfect and dead on. Vik doesnt seem to understand anything beyond “deport the illegals”.

  5. “but people that are already here leading law-abiding lives should not be subjected to a witch hunt by racist xenophobes”

    If they came here as ILLEGAL immigrants, then, by definition, they are not law-abiding. I am not a racist xenophobe. My husband immigrated here a few years ago. Legally. It was a long & costly process which was full of paperwork and background checks.

    I (& my husband) feel it would be a slap in the face to the millions who have played by the rules to give amnesty to people who skipped all of the steps that help protect the U.S.

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