Responsible Stewardship Is About More Than Just The Green.


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If you don’t believe that being a good steward also means watching out for those less fortunate, you aren’t paying attention to big picture. Quite often, I am told through emails, direct messages, and instant messenger, that I should stick to just talking about environmental issues. Some of my readers here on the site, along with Twitter and Facebook, only want to hear about the “green” stuff and nothing else. And every time I hear from people about this, I respond with the same thing… that stewardship is about more than just being eco-friendly. It’s about doing the right thing – for the less fortunate, for those suffering, for those with heavier burdens to bear than ourselves. It’s about standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves – using your voice to let their words be heard by those in charge.

Unfortunately, there are many, many people who only care about what they can do or get for themselves – the “I’m gonna get mine” mentality. The problem with this attitude is that by only being concerned with getting theirs, a lot of other people around the world suffer. As an example, my homemade add-on to Wal-mart’s slogan is “Save Money. Live Better. …at the expense of other humans living on the same planet as you.” While one may be thrilled about saving $.50 by shopping there, there is a much higher cost behind those 2 quarters that isn’t seen by shoppers. Knowing this, and thinking about where you shop and spend your money, is part of being a good steward!

Another aspect of good stewardship ties into the healthcare debate. While many believe that healthcare should only be for those who can afford it, I truly believe that the ability to see a doctor should be a human right – not a privilege. No one should go ever bankrupt taking care of a family member! Even with decent insurance, last year I shelled out over $10,000 of my own money for 2 major medical issues – both of which, with the way insurance is run now, will prevent me from ever getting private health insurance again. There is something seriously wrong with the way the system is run, and something needs to change. All children should be able to see a doctor, free of charge, any time they need to. These are KIDS we are talking about! As for adults, private insurance should be able to stay as their own entity – but a public option should be available to those people who are not happy with the private insurance they have had before. As for the folks who think private insurance is the only way to go, and the free market should rule, I might ask you – if free market rules, what are you afraid of? If private insurance is so great, then they have nothing to worry about from any government sponsored plan, right? You can keep your private insurance if you enjoy paying more and getting less. I, however, would go with a public option the day it came out. I know firsthand what it is like to pay a fortune for private insurance only to have them not actually cover most of the things you might need. The word “insurance” seems to be a misnomer with these companies.

Responsible Stewardship Is About More Than Just The “Green”. It’s about looking beyond the end of your nose to see that there is a whole world of people just like you – some capable of making it on their own, and some in need of a lift up. Some that need looking out for, and some that just want something to eat and to go to the doctor. We are, in fact, all in this together and we all go in the end – it would be fantastic to see more of us start acting accordingly! 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t agree more… compassion is key. Responsible stewardship goes way beyond standard ‘green’ issues and I appreciate that you delve into that from time to time.

  2. Right on! Thank you so much for that post. I feel the same way but could never articulate it so well. I love your blog and appreciate your input.

  3. Thanks for this post. It’s important to make the connections between doing right for your self/family, your community and the earth. There’s never a need to apologize for the truth. I think a lot of people believe you can have your cake and eat it too and not have to sacrifice “convenience”, but it’s this so called “convenience” that we’ve been led to believe will help us live more fulfilled lives that in reality keeps us from the freedom to live the life we want: free of debt with more time, space and land to enjoy.

  4. I think last week, I said something like ‘Social responsibility and environmental responsibility are one and the same.’ Being green is not just about energy efficiency. It’s also about taking care of each other, being kind, giving of yourself, which is giving to yourself. Green is a progressive mindset, not just a house full of CFLs or a hybrid car.

  5. Compassion for others — that’s what makes a good human in my book! And being green is a strong part of that!

    I understand why some people make the choices they do when 50 cents really is make or break to them, but most of us can afford better if we’re frugal in other ways (and most of frugality, imho, is also VERY green). I also understand how hard it is to shop in rural areas where you can spend a lot in gas trying to find stuff outside of Walmart. However, selling your soul just for 50 cents when you have money enough to buy lots of stuff you don’t need isn’t frugal, it’s cheap or just plain wasteful.


    What a wonderful thing it is to remember that we’re blessed enough that we can share those blessings with others. Compassion for others is a gift we give first and foremost to ourselves.

  6. You’re so right. It all ties in together. To see the whole picture is to be compassionate for all living things – including humans. Sometimes that gets overlooked in the green perspective.

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