Returned Our Toyota Prius Today.

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No, it’s not because we did not like it…it’s because it was a rental. We have another car at our disposal now so we did not need to rent the Prius any longer to cart around our guests. But we had it since Tuesday and I was so very glad we decided to go that route. After 310 miles, we averaged 44.8 MPG and used about 2/3 of a tank of gas. Compared to our Mini which gets about 28 MPG on average, this is a huge increase. However, the Mini holds about 2.5 people and this Prius held 5 comfortably.

I will say that although the pick up is not as quick as it is in the Mini, once you really press on the accelerator, the Prius moves along just fine. We did manage at one point to drive it a few miles on only battery power, which was pretty cool. Next time we need a rental, we will definitely be going this route…although next time I would like to try the Civic Hybrid to see how it compares. But overall, the Prius gets an A and now my wife wants one as our next car.

In case you are interested in renting a hybrid car or truck on your next vacation, check out EVRental, its the company that we went with.

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