Reusable Cotton BowlOvers Replace Plastic Wrap

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Okay, I will admit it. I enjoy reading Martha Stewart’s magazine. There, I said it. And now that we have gotten that over with, I wanted to tell you guys about something I came across in the magazine the other day that I thought would be of interest.

Most everyone I know uses either plastic (yuck) or glass (yay!) containers for leftovers, but I have never seen anyone use cotton… until now.

Invented by Harriet Campbell, these “BowlOvers” are washable 100% cotton bowl covers with elasticated edges that fit over most any size bowl or round container. With these, you don’t plastic or glass to store things in the fridge – you can use the very bowl your food is already in!


Alright – so you may not need cotton bowl covers if you already have your fair share of containers filling up your kitchen. But if you are short on cabinet space or looking for a way to get away from using plastic without having to buy (sometimes) expensive glass containers, these may be just the thing for you. They take up no space, can be stored anywhere, and are reasonably priced. And anything that eliminates plastic food containers from the kitchen is good with me.

If you’re interested, check out BowlOvers for more information. I don’t have any ties or financial interest in the company, I just thought it was a cool idea.

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