Reuse This – Other Uses For Spaghetti Sauce Jars.


I bet you didn’t know I was Martha Stewart, did ya? We buy our spaghetti sauce in glass mason jars from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and instead of throwing them in the recycling bin, I always try to find another use for them. This time the jar was made into a little “planter” or “vase” of some sort to hold a stalk of bamboo. Once you are done with the sauce, wash the jar really well and remove the label (You probably have to soak it in water for a while to get the glue to come off). I took some old straw ties that came on a gift we received and wrapped it around the jar, but you could of course do almost anything. I put some marbles we had laying around down at the bottom and inserted the bamboo stalk. You can get these almost anywhere, but I always get them from IKEA because they are $1.99. The stalk stands up because of the marbles and you can just add a little water (bamboo does not like a lot of water) and presto, all done. For about oh, $1.99, you have a cool looking bamboo plant you can keep inside your house. We have several of these plants around the apartment and its cool to see how fast they grow.

2 thoughts on “Reuse This – Other Uses For Spaghetti Sauce Jars.”

  1. That’s a great idea! I usually use old tin cans with interesting labels as containers for little plants, but they do tend to get sun-bleached and a bit rusty after a while. I use mason jars for storing dry bulk goods like beans, nuts, and grains. They look so pretty all lined up on my shelves!

  2. Great idea and nice touch with the raffia ribbon! If you have room, once those bamboo get well rooted, you can transplant to soil (but keep it inside until it’s well settled). Bamboo are amazingly resilient.


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