Revenge of the Electric Car Available on Netflix Instant


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If you are a fan of electric cars and the future of transportation, and have a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription, I have the perfect documentary for you to check out.

Revenge of the Electric Car is the follow-up to Who Killed the Electric Car?, and is presented 12 years after General Motors killed their EV1 electric car project. The film covers the explosive growth in the electric car industry, as companies ranging from the guy making EV conversions in his garage, to the truly innovative upstarts (Tesla Motors), and to the massive (GM and Nissan), compete to release an affordable EV for the masses.

Director Chris Paine paints the electric car industry as something of a race, as these four companies try to make the car that will become the first mass-consumed electric car. EV’s are going to be the car of the foreseeable future, as we very slowly move away from oil-burning gas engines, so the stakes are high for everyone to get in on the action right from the start. Check out the trailer for the film:

I highly recommend you take some time to watch Revenge of the Electric Car to both learn more about how electric vehicles are doing today and where the technology will be headed in the future.

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  1. Electric cars are better than gas ones, but fewer cars a best. Transit and intercity transport are much better. The rights of way cost less to maintain, and take up less space. Roads must be kept in near-perfect condition to be used, and they must be cleared of snow in much of the country for some of the year, which costs money and does damage.

    Electric vehicles? Yes. But not so many. More trains, etc.

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