Brand Resistant T-Shirts: Dress To Resist.


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A while back I was contacted by Andi, the owner of Brand Resistant, to check out her small clothing company as she thought I would find it pretty cool. She even sent along a t-shirt for me, as seen below:

Andi’s company prides itself on being an ethical producer of t-shirts who is brand/logo free, sweatshop free and carbon neutral. Here is what their website has to say about their principles:

We noticed a change in traditional consumerism. People started questioning their role in the planets health. This used to be the strict domain of activists but now people from all walks of life, young and old, want products that are tailored to their lifestyle, politic and social awareness. People seek to define their own values, ignoring cultural icons and creating new solutions.

Often ethical, green and clean alternatives produced locally by growers and artisans cost a lot more than regular products. The privilege of consumer activism can therefore marginalise those most concerned. Big brands and corporations cannot change as fast as consumer needs dictate. We believe the rise will occur in niche sustainable companies like brand resistant.

Brand Resistant buys all green power, they purchase carbon offsets for any emissions, their inks are solvent-free and water-based, and their supplier is now working on making fabric out of recycled plastic bottles. Sure, their shirts might cost a little more, but at least you know that some kid in China was not working 23 hours a day for mere pennies so you can get a cheap shirt. And while some of their t-shirts are designed to really push buttons, they have some great designs that anyone could wear:

Every time I wear my shirt, people stop me and ask me about it, so it must really make people think. You can check out all their shirts at Brand Resistant if you are ever looking for a t-shirt that is both made sustainably and comes with a message you can stand behind!

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