Review & Giveaway: Green Virgin Products


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Deodorant Stone – I have been using Crystal Stick Body Deodorant for years, and that’s kind of what this deodorant “stone” is. Made from 100% pure mineral salts, with no aluminum or carcinogens, I have been using it for a little bit now and it works really well. My only suggestion to them would be to make it in a “screw top” type container rather than the one it is in, but otherwise no complaints!


Solid Stick Pre-Spotter – Think of the Shout pre-spotter but way, way more natural and nontoxic. Just wet the bar a little and rub it into any stains prior to washing your clothes. Poof, stain gone. They say it works on carpets, but I don’t have any carpets to test on so will have to take their word for it.

I thank Jeremy for sending me a few items to try out, because before I got his email I hadn’t ever heard of this company. I get a lot of offers to give away products, and most of them I turn down because they are just brands looking to greenwash themselves. Green Virgin seems to be the real thing, and thus – this is your chance to win a very cool package of items! You can win each one of the products I discussed above, and they will be mailed directly to you from Green Virgin. That’s the Soap Nuts Liquid, Moringa Oleifera Oil, Deodorant Stone, and the Solid Stick Pre-Spotter. Ready to enter? Follow these rules carefully to make sure your entry gets counted!

  • The giveaway starts now and I will accept entries until Thursday, June 5th at 11:59PM EST. No entries will be accepted after that.
  • Your choice. You can either sign up for the company’s email newsletter on their site (at the bottom, on the right), then come back to to this post and leave a comment, telling me you signed up and what you thought of their website. Entry is by comment on this post only. Please do NOT email a comment; leave it here on this post.
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  1. Looking forward to trying some of these products. “Liked” them on FB and asked if the products are vegan. I bet they are, but I’d like to be sure.

  2. I went on to their web site and signed up for the newsletter. I also emailed them about any hotel/hospitality program they might have for small businesses like mine. Thanks.
    Barry Benjamin, President
    Club Peace and Plenty

  3. Bravo! Good call! Im starting to buy more online on natural products such as these. I won’t name them all but my list is pretty complete based on our household needs but I”ll say that I dont really shop corporate (maybe 20%) at present. I went to Virgin Products, opened an account and was really impressed with the Laundry detergent. Kudos! we need more companies like this and more people to support them in this transition to “wellness.” Love it!

  4. Have been trying to use natural products for a while now. Glad to see this site in addition to the others. I signed up for their email so that hopefully will be able to try their products soon.

  5. I have signed up for GVP newsletter. I have ordered some of the product and looking forward to using them.

  6. I have signed up for their newsletter. I think its awesome to have natural products for yourself and for your home.

  7. I like their products. I did not realize they had a deodorant, and I am interest in trying because I use a natural deodorant now. Also, I believe their site is as simple (very user-friendly) as their products.

  8. Ooooh! I’ve seen their products somewhere, can’t remember where, but when I did they were really intriguing, I’d love to check em out. Oh, I signed up for their newsletter too, they look like a great company. Thanks for entering me in the contest.

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