Rise In Global CO2 Emissions Cut In Half.

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Well, that’s good news – even if it means it is still going up slowly. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency is saying that due to high oil prices and the worldwide financial crisis, the annual increase in emissions of CO2 has been cut in half from this time last year. Emissions increased by 1.7% in 2008 versus a 3.3% increase in 2007Yes, that means emissions are still rising…but that the amount of the increase has been cut in half. This is good news and a very good start to continuing our work to cut CO2 emissions even further and hopefully bring the annual increases to a halt.

In addition to the high oil prices and the financial crisis, the study does say that the “increased use of new renewable energy sources, such as biofuels for road transport and wind energy for electricity generation, caused a noticeable mitigating impact on CO2 emissions.” That is even better news, which means that our growing expansion into renewables for energy creation is starting to work – news that we all need to hear to continue moving forward with our own plans and to also push our Representatives to continue to “go green”.

Here are some more facts from the report that definitely bode well for our environment in the long term…if we keep up the momentum:

-The lower increase of CO2 emissions was mainly due to a decrease in global fossil oil consumption of about 0.6%, the first global decrease since 1992.

– Global emissions from coal consumption increased by 3.5% which is less than in previous years, where average annual increases were about 5%. High fuel prices, the European CO2 Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and the global recession starting after last year’s summer are the likely causes of this decrease.

– In total, CO2 emissions of the USA and the European Union decreased by about 3% and 1.5% in 2008, Although China’s emissions showed an increase of 6%, this is the lowest increase since 2001.

– In Europe, the CO2 Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) entered its next phase in the first year of the Kyoto period 2008-2012, with stricter national CO2 caps than in previous years.

– Emissions from electricity generation decreased in part due to high fuel prices and CO2 prices in the ETS causing a shift from coal to natural gas and to the use of more renewable sources for power generation.

So, give yourself a very small round of applause, and let’s keep working. Hopefully soon we can see another study saying “Global CO2 Emissions Have Stopped Rising; Now Heading In Reverse”!

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