Save Energy And Money By Filling Your Freezer With Bottles Of Water.

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Did you know that your freezer runs more efficiently when it is full? If you are like us, your freezer is nowhere near as full as the bottom half, which means it has to work that much harder just to keep everything frozen. So in order to make it easier on the freezer, next time you are taking the recycling out, look through your bag first and see if there are any containers you could fill up with water, close tight, and put in the freezer. That way there is less air circulating within the freezer and all the food you have in there can help each other keep cold. We have 3 big juice bottles full of water filling up the back of our freezer in hopes that we can increase the efficiency and decrease our electric bill. Give it a shot, there is nothing to lose and you can stop more bottles from going into the trash or recycling bin!

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  1. When we knew Katrina was coming we knew power was going to be an issue so we loaded all the free space in the freezer with containers of water. Tupperware, gallons, bottles.

    The Food in the freezer stayed good for over four days without power, in record heat, and since fresh water was also an issue after the four days we had still had cool non polluted fresh water to drink.

  2. You lost more energy opening the door to put the water bottles into the freezer than you saved.

    Where did the extra energy come from that removed the heat from the water so it would freeze?

    Did freezing the water make the compressor run more than it would have without the water? YES.

    You should junk your side door freezer and get a top door model if you want an efficient freezer. The “cold” falls out of a side door freezer every time you open it.

  3. So I lost more energy opening the door once to put the bottles in than I would save in months or years of having the freezer full?

    Everything you just mentioned was lost once. Everything happening from that point forward is gained over a very long time, so I cannot see how they compare.

    Also, tom bar – good thinking, but sorry you had to go through Katrina. That must have been horrible.

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