Saving Money With Organic Grocery Coupons


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While organic foods are often thought to cost much more than conventionally-grown foods, the truth is that the difference is usually just a few nickels or dimes. Sure, you’re always going to run into an organic item here and there that costs way more than it’s standard counterpart, but that’s become more of an exception than a rule. All that being said, who doesn’t like saving money on their favorite organic food brands? There are many coupons available for organic grocery items, all you have to do is know where to look. I have rounded up some of my favorite spots to collect coupons to use on organic food, and hopefully you will find them useful as well.

  • Nutiva – Like their Facebook page and you can print out a $10 coupon.
  • Mambo Sprouts – Be healthier, greener and save money on your grocery bill when you use our printable coupons.
  • Simply Organic – Organic spices, seasoning, salad dressings, and bake mixes.
  • Lundberg Farms – Organic rice, rice cakes, pastas, flours, and gluten-free foods.
  • Organic Valley – Organic dairy, soy, meat, juice, and produce products.
  • Kashi – Cookies, crackers, cereals, frozen foods. Note that Kashi does not support the labeling of GMO foods
  • Newman’s Own – Everything under the sun, with all proceeds going to charity.
  • Arrowhead Mills – Baking, beans, breakfast, gluten free.
  • Santa Cruz Organic – Organic juices, sauce, peanut butter, spreads, teas.
  • Earth’s Best – Tons of products, including many for babies and children.
  • Horizon Organics – Organic milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter.
  • Cascadian Farm – Cereals, granola bars, frozen vegetables, fruit spreads.
  • Brown Cow – All natural yogurt.
  • Amy’s Kitchen – Organic and natural frozen prepared food items.
  • Seventh Generation (OK, so not organic nor food. But they do have coupons for their cleaning products.)
  • Seeds of Change – Rices, pastas, salad dressings.
  • Muir Glen – Organic canned tomato products.

Did I miss any of your favorite places to get coupons for organic foods? Let everyone know in the comments! And if you are looking for some advice on how you should allocate your money spent at the grocery, here is a list of which fruits and vegetables you should be buying organic. Keep these products in mind next time you head to the store.

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  1. Hi David and Happy New Year!

    Loved your helpful article, but I’d remove Kashi from your list because their products contain GMOs, and they fought against Prop 37. Look below for more info. 😉

    In April 2012, a grocer in Rhode Island found out Kashi used genetically engineered, non-organic ingredients, and pulled Kashi products from his store’s shelves and later posted pictures and notification through social networking tools, some customers began to call into question Kellogg’s use of the term “natural” used on Kashi product labels.[3] Kashi’s general manager responded by stating, “The FDA has chosen not to regulate the term ‘natural.'”[3]

    In 2012, the parent company of Kashi, the Kellogg Company, donated $790,000 to the NO on Prop. 37 campaign, which asked voters if they wanted foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms to be labeled in California. [4] [5]
    Kashi (company) –

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