Save The Derek Fundraiser Total: $1,817.61!!


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Thanks to all of our amazing friends and colleagues, we have raised a total of $1,817.61 for Derek Markham, the writer of Natural Papa. Our “Save The Derek” fundraiser was put together to help Derek with some unpaid medical bills from an accident that he had which left him with a trimalleolar fracture in the ends of his right tibia and fibula. And thanks to your generosity and networking, we have exceeded our initial goal and are able to send a big check to Derek and his family to take care of some of those major bills he has. A total of 101 people donated money to the cause, and here are some of the notes that came in with their donations:

Glad his online friends have come together to help. Best wishes

We hope this helps and sorry we can’t give more. We love following you on Twitter.

Hi Derek, Appreciate all your support on top of all you do yourself!

Best wishes – get well soon!

happy mending, D!

Derek – Hope you’re doing better, man.

Get well soon Derek!

Hey Derek! Sorry to hear about the bad break. Take care!

Hope you’re back up to 100% soon! Thanks for your voice on twitter! 🙂

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Derek, thanks for all your do on and off-line, and hope you get better soon!

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  1. I’m so grateful to you, Dave, for putting this together and pouring so much energy into it all week!

    Many thanks to all of you who cared enough about me and my family to donate to this, as it will go a long way toward offsetting the expenses involved. It’s not easy to give money, especially to someone you don’t ‘really’ know (other than an avatar), so it was very humbling to me to see so many people willing to do so.

    It’s been a good lesson in social media, community, and activism for me, and one that warms my heart. It took a crappy situation and made it more bearable, so thank you.

    I’ll be posting a thank you article and update at Natural Papa as well, so look for that soon.


  2. Shanyne – I am sorry you feel like $1800 is pitiful when raised from COMPLETE STRANGERS for Derek. The fact that we were able to raise that much money is amazing to me.

  3. I am just very happy that people stepped up and donated almost $2,000 to a guy they have never met. He definitely deserves their help.

  4. I am sorry… I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but that is pretty pitiful. I mean, I am sure that Derek is grateful & all, but that man has almost 9500 followers on Twitter!! 9400+ people that are interested in what he has to say & who have some level of respect for the man & what he gives to our community… I am really quite shocked that we failed as a community to help more…

    Deep cleansing breath…

    Okay – I am done – thanks for listening :o)

  5. David – Please don’t get me wrong… I am not trying to be a complete wench or anything. I think that you guys got together to do anything @ all was awesome & I do think it is wonderful that people gave what they did… I guess I was just surprised that with so many followers the amount wasn’t more…
    Also, not sure I would agree with the term “complete strangers”. While, I guess technically that is true & he doesn’t know me from Adam – Part of what Derek does so well is connect with people & give them a window into his world. Which makes it hard for me to consider him a stranger. Which is why I was surprised the amount wasn’t more…

    I know I am a freak, but it makes sense in my head 🙂

    Anyway, I am sorry I offended you, that was not my intention. I think you guys were awesome to do what you did for him!!

  6. Great work everyone! Too bad I didn’t know about this before today (droning in business bookkeeping), but I know now. Is there a link where I can still send something?

    Though I am a total stranger and never read his blog, I can totally understand what he is going though while dealing with expensive health issues of my own. I am glad that we are able to come together as a community and help each other out, but it should be this way in this country.

  7. Hi David,

    Is it possible to “extend” for people like Carla who, may want to contribute but missed the deadline?

    I can only imagine how much the medical bills are for something like this.

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