Save A Tree – Remove Yourself From The PennySaver List.


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Depending on where you live, you might be receiving the daily advertising booklet from Penny Saver. My wife and I never look at it, it goes straight to the recycling bin and out the door. I can only imagine how many people get this thing every day, don’t look at it, and throw it away. It is such a waste of paper!

Well, a few months ago I called to have it stopped, and it did…until a few days ago when it started clogging up my mailbox again. So I had to call again and decided I would pass on the phone number and steps necessary to remove yourself from their list of junk mail.

First, call PennySaver at 1.714.996.8900
You will get a phone tree system, and as of today you need to press “3” for the Circulation desk
You will then be put on hold for a minute or so, thinking a real live person will pick up the phone. They won’t, they never do. Instead you get a “leave a message” and a voice mail beep
At the message, leave your full address and tell them you want to stop delivery of the Penny Saver

That’s it, you are done! In a few weeks it should stop showing up in your mailbox. If it doesn’t, be sure to call back and cancel the delivery again and again until it does stop. Be sure to pass this on to anyone you know that gets the Penny Saver…you do NOT have to accept delivery of it, you can cancel it and save a tree or two!

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  1. I was told that I couldn’t stop the PennySaver…but I did. It was addressed to Resident at my address, and the PO box said they could not stop delivery. Maybe try to find a number on something and call it, just to see if the company itself can take you off the list?

  2. My biggest annoyance is this context is all the crap that gets delivered to our PO Box. Lots of local newspaper-like publications, etc. that are addressed to ‘Box Holder’ and, according to the Post Office employees, we can’t stop these. To add insult to injury, they don’t have a recycling bin, so all of this crap gets thrown in the trash (to the point of overflowing). I always haul ours home for recycling, but most people don’t. It really blows my mind. *Nobody* is reading this stuff, yet the Post Office insists on stuffing our boxes against our will, and then they don’t even provide a means to recycle it.

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