How To Seal Air Leaks In Your Home And Save Energy

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  • Holes that are used for any type of wiring, plumbing or gas pipes.
  • Places where wood and brick meet.
  • sealairleaksinyourhome

    Sealing the Leaks – Weatherstripping and Caulking

    Now that you have walked around in your home, looked for air leaks on both the inside and outside, carefully noted them, it’s time to seal the air leaks. Weatherstripping is a technique that is used to seal air leaks that is great for most doors and windows, or other places where there is some form of opening/closing.

    Caulking refers to a method that should be used seal cracks and gaps around framework of windows and doors, baseboards, or seal joints in certain types of piping. Silicon is often used.

    If you are unsure on how to seal air leaks, drop by a retailer store that sells weatherstripping and caulking equipment and ask them for advice for the particular air leaks you want to seal. Not only will sealing the leaks reduce your energy costs, but also help sheltering your home from outside noise, bugs, dusts and moisture.

    The cost of following the above guide to detecting and sealing air leaks (including the incense stick, weatherstripping and caulking material that needs to be bought) is minimal compared to what you can potentially save in the long term. That being said, if you can afford a professional energy audit and have them seal the leaks they find, the long-term gains can be even greater.

    Guest article by Mathias, founder of, a site where you can learn more about saving money by increasing energy efficiency in your house, as well as solar, wind and geothermal power. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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