See how the other half lives in 30 Days.

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As most people know by now, Morgan Spurlock is the guy that brought Super Size Me to the world. After I saw it, I could not imagine eating fast food for a very long time. Even now, if we are on the road or something and have to eat that stuff, it still kind of makes me sick to think of what he went through. Anyone that eats McDonald’s for 30 straight days is sick and twisted, right? Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, he has a tv show that started airing last year called 30 Days . And not only is this guy not sick and twisted, but he has put together a brilliant tv show that is far and away much better than most everything else on the air.

30 Days is based on the idea that most people have no clue as to how people different from themselves live. Most of us do not know how other people go about their daily lives..whether it be a race, economic, employment or any other issue. So far this season I have seen the following episodes:

-A man that is part of the militant “Minute Men” border patrol lives 30 days with a family of illegal immigrants.

-An Atheist spends 30 days living with a family of pretty serious Christians.

-A computer programmer who recently lost his job to outsourcing goes to India to get his job back and ends up working in a call center there.

– An overworked, stressed out ex-football player spends 30 days learning new-age techniques to change his life.

I thought last season was great, but this year is even better. I think Mr. Spurlock is on to something here….we are all curious about how other people live, and we can all stand to learn something that is foreign to our own life. The show really does a good job of showing how even though people are inherently different, we are all just people that share a common bond…surviving in this crazy world. It could quite possibly be the best show on television; it does not preach to you, no one is competing for the almighty dollar, lessons are learned, and there is no inane banter between people living in a house together wishing for stardom. We dont miss an episode, and a few of them I have even watched twice. The show covers most of the important issues in our society today, and it might just change your mind!

If you have not had a chance to see it, be sure to check it out. The show is called “30 Days” and it is on FX really is an eye-opener!

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  1. I love 30 Days…I’ve been watching since the first episode of the first season. It’s definitely one of the best shows on television.

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