Could This Self-Filling Water Bottle Ease Global Water Shortages?

While researching and writing articles over the years about continuing water shortages, I have often pondered where the real solution to this global crisis will come from. Fresh water, liquid gold, arguably the most precious substance on Earth is diminishing rapidly.

The supply in the water cycle has been hugely reduced, and meanwhile we are polluting underground water stores all the time. I had expected that the answer would come via huge desalination plants, resulting in expensive bottled water as our only choice. I think that is still one possibility.

Something that never occurred to me however, was a device that could create water out of thin air.

water drop

Yet that is exactly what Kristof Retezar, a designer from Vienna, has unveiled.

A Self Filling Water Bottle

Retezar’s self filling water bottle is truly the stuff of sci-fi fantasy films. But the idea didn’t materialize after watching a movie, his inspiration is quoted below.

“I wanted to work on the increasingly important water issue on our planet and try to develop possible solutions. In my research I came across various different water purifying and collecting methods which brought me to the topic: water from the air.

I was surprised to find out how little development there was in this area and ironically, how much potential there is in extracting water from the air.

For me, the whole topic has a sort of magical touch. You can barely see it, but there it is, hovering above our heads, huge amounts of unexploited, pure water. And there are regions of this world where human beings die daily because they just don’t have access to it.

So I came up with some ideas and sketches. Finally I got hit by this idea in my dreams, of having a bottle that would fill itself from nothing like a mythological magic mug. At the time I had no idea how I would achieve that technically.”


The Fontus really does evoke mystical ideas, but there is clearly some hard science behind it. So how do these water bottles work?

They literally never run dry!
These devices were designed to capture the moisture contained in the air, condense it and store it as safe drinking water. Powered by solar cells, Fontus can harvest up to 0,8l water in an hour’s time under the right climatic conditions. ~ Fontus 

4 thoughts on “Could This Self-Filling Water Bottle Ease Global Water Shortages?”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. And the cost does seem reasonable.
    Can we purchase one as a “sponsorship” to be given to someone that doesn’t have access to fresh, clean water?

  2. I have to stop in for a minute in the middle of my schedule to give a shout out to “The Good Human” – you are such a contribution to a better way of life that I tip my hat off to you and support you and ask that you keep rolling on. You’re not alone and you’re a beacon of light. I share your site with all my friends. As like minded folks, we all have, hold and work towards a better world manifestation. We KNOW we can do better. I just started researching “Ubuntu” – (Ubuntu Planet) Do you think you can look into it and perhaps share your findings? Thanks.


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