Could This Self-Filling Water Bottle Ease Global Water Shortages?

Is This The End Of Our Water Woes?

Perhaps….. after all, couldn’t we employ this technology on a larger scale? The following is taken from, where Retezar was asked the question:

“If the Fontus was enlarged could it produce more water?

i.e. Is it possible to make a “rooftop” Fontus for a house that could produce enough water for a shower? Or a building size Fontus that could irrigate an entire crop field? “

This was his amazing response.

“If you want to produce more water you need in the first place more energy. Then you would also need more space/condensing surface.

A Fontus that produces more water would rather need a more reliable and strong energy source. Of course you could expand and adapt the system for other needs.”

The concept is till new, but it could certainly be a real solution to support regions across the Globe that do not have enough water to supply their needs.

One thing is for sure. We live in a world with endless possibilities, Kristof took a huge step in changing the face of the planet, and with his amazing Fontus, lives really could be changed, one drop at a time.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the Fontus will work in reality? How do you think we can avoid a water crisis?
We would love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Could This Self-Filling Water Bottle Ease Global Water Shortages?”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. And the cost does seem reasonable.
    Can we purchase one as a “sponsorship” to be given to someone that doesn’t have access to fresh, clean water?

  2. I have to stop in for a minute in the middle of my schedule to give a shout out to “The Good Human” – you are such a contribution to a better way of life that I tip my hat off to you and support you and ask that you keep rolling on. You’re not alone and you’re a beacon of light. I share your site with all my friends. As like minded folks, we all have, hold and work towards a better world manifestation. We KNOW we can do better. I just started researching “Ubuntu” – (Ubuntu Planet) Do you think you can look into it and perhaps share your findings? Thanks.


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