How Activating Your Seven Chakras Could Change Your Life

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how to balance chakras
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It sounds like something out of Star Wars. ‘Activate Your Chakras Luke!‘ but what if the Force is really within us? No, I am not talking about Jedi Powers, but something known as Prana.

This is considered in Eastern philosophies to be the very force of life, the spark that crackles through our bodies and makes us alive. It is a form of Kundalini or Shakti energy that flows through us, and even mingles with the energy outside of our bodies and around us.

It is of course very difficult to prove that such a thing exists although books have investigated the field of subtle energy medicine.

Much of what we will discuss today has not been dissected by scientists, because it cannot be seen and touched. That is not to say that the Prana life force doesn’t have a physical impact on our bodies though, especially in the seven main chakras.

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