How Activating Your Seven Chakras Could Change Your Life

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how to balance chakras
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What Are Chakras?

The chakras are described in various ways, depending on who is describing them. Fundamentally, the chakras are the seven main energy centres which are located throughout our body. They are described a spiritual hubs with their own vibrational frequency and colour.

It is thought that they have intricate energetic links with our endocrine system, and they may therefore impact out hormones and nerve centres.

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit roots, where it means a wheel of spinning energy. Something like a vortex whirring constantly. Some descriptions of chakras describe them as battery packs, which can be charged and recharged by source energy.

The fact is that language falls short of describing these seven hubs of vibrational energy. Science falls short of measuring them. But I for one, and millions of others from all backgrounds believe that they do exist, and they play a vital role in our well being.

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