The Reality of Water Usage in Showers

Technology for Big Water Saving

The Hydrao is a smart showerhead that notifies us on how much water we have consumed in the duration of our shower. The showerhead uses a coloured lighting system that signals at various litre landmarks how much water has been consumed, encouraging the user to quickly finish off in the shower and get out. It is a simple and ecological answer to an increasingly alarming problem!

The showerhead’s light will turn green once 10 litres have been used and blue when 50 litres have been used. Thereafter, the light will turn red and begin flashing, alerting the user that their water consumption is becoming an urgent concern. By limiting a shower to 50 litres, a family of four will save $250 a year. And while this type of technology might be a bit pricey in the beginning, the water you will end up saving with result in a return of your money very quickly.

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The Hydao can also connect to your smartphone where other features are available. You can select your own litre thresholds and choose your own notifying colours. It also saves data and statistics for you to track your savings in money as well as in water. This technology can also be used with children in a fun way to get them to play their part. The Hydao can be used as a competitive game for children to beat the notifying colours.

Another tool that can be used to control water usage in the shower is the Shower Manager. This is a timer that cuts the water flow after a certain period of time. The shower starts at full flow and cuts by 2/3rds once the time is up. The time can be set to 5, 8 or 11 minutes and a 60 second alert tone sounds, allowing you enough time to quickly finish rinsing before the water flow is cut.

This technology has benefits not just of saving water and energy but also, it helps to stop those shower hogs in your house! These are both easy solutions to conserving water easily. It can be used to save money and energy in camps, dorms, gyms and hotels.   

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